ZYS aim at providing excellent manufacture, sincere service, key projects, full service and qualified products. 1. Object 1.1 Bearing ball range:usual 1.2 Ball grade:G40 1.3 Capacity:10Ton/month 2.Technological process 2.1 Raw material inspection→Cold heading(ball blanks inspection)→ball blanks sorting→flashing→heat treatment for quenching and tempering→hard grinding(inspection)→fine grinding(inspection)→sorting→ lapping→washing→antirust lubrication and packing→stock 2.2 Two production lines First for minisize, second for middle size Both lines can share most of the flashing, grinding and lapping machines 3.Management detailed rules After confirming the aboved technological process and production lines, we can go on the followings, and the total quotation should involve: 3.1 Making documents forball processing technology; statistics and management of production system; quality control and management; guarantee system building.

Bearings, ball
  • Production lines and systems
  • Bearing Production Line
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