Design and construction This Schulz ball caster / ball transfer unit consists of three stamped parts, the casing, bearing shell, 3-prong-buittin-clip and top cover, a bearing ball and several support balls. Dimensions The spacing is calculated by dividing the shortest edge length of the object to be transported by 3.5.

Castors, swivelling
  • ball transfer unit
  • Ball caster
  • Ball caster with sheet steel
  • ball bearing
  • 3-prong-buittin-clip
  • plastic bearing ball
  • Ball cup
  • balls

Product features

Casing, top cover galvanised steel, stainless steel
Ball cup tempered steel, tempered stainless steel
3-prong-clip stainless steel
Support balls tool steel (tempered), stainless steel (tempered)
Bearing ball tool steel (tempered), stainless steel (tempered), plastic
Temperature Range from -30°C to +100°C (up to +30°C with plastic bearing ball)
Conveyance velocity up to 1.5 m/s.
Dynamic load rating up to max. 300 kg

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