Our flexible ball transfer units provide a simple solution for transporting lightweight to heavy goods along all directions. Our ball transfer units enable you to easily move, rotate and control your conveyed goods. The ball transfer units are constructed so that a very smooth run is possible in all directions, even when moving heavy loads (depending on the version). In a configuration where the ball transfer units are offset from the vertical with overhead mounting, it is possible to achieve a reduction in the load-carrying capacity of up to 50%. Many of our ball transfer units are low-maintenance and feature an oil-soaked felt seal against contamination. Ball transfer units with plastic load balls are excellent for moving loads with delicate surfaces (such as glass, polished aluminum, brass and steel sheet).

Wheels, castors and rollers
  • ball transfer
  • stainless steel
  • heavy load

Product features

1.Housing - 2.Ball 1.Steel - 2.Steel
1.Housing - 2.Ball 1.steel - 2.Stainless steel
1.Housing - 2.Ball 1.Stainless steel - 2.Stainless steel

Additional product literature

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