Ballast stabilization A solid foundation for secure rail operations: our ballast bonding process holds ballast substrate together in many areas wherever this is required. This enables you to reduce maintenance costs, simplify the cleaning of train stations and stopping places, and lower noise emissions in town areas. The GREBOPOX ® epoxy resin system used by us is approved for use with all large railway companies in the world. The excellent quality and environmental compatibility has been tested and confirmed by recognized institutions and our customers. This is why we have been using it successfully for over 20 years. We can offer you the following services: stabilization for switches, insulated rail joints and deeper levels temporary stabilization of construction areas securing of emergency exits and work routes transition areas between ballast track and slab track surface bonding, e.g. against ballast pick-up and vandalism surface reinforcement for more economic cleaning in train stations non-slip coatings for platforms bonding of public thoroughfares sleeper restoration on slab track The advantages for you are as follows: lower maintenance costs with longer service intervals low maintenance effort, long durability sound-absorbing effect, e.g. for urban public transport areas easy cleaning for ballast surfaces in train stations and stopping places approval for use with all large railway companies worldwide high environmental compatibility, special disposal not required bonded ballast with full drainage capability also easy to work with under extreme weather conditions bonded ballast can be reworked, used elsewhere, or re-bonded


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