Elastic balls are mainly used as seals in valves and pumps, in pipelines and heating systems, as pigs for pipe cleaning or as cleaning balls in screening systems. Valves are among the most well-known shut-off devices and prevent unwanted backflow of gases, liquids or granular materials and dust. In the cage of the ball valves the freely movable elastic ball is located and is lifted out of the valve seat by the inflowing medium. During backflow, it is pressed back into the hard valve seat by force and its own weight, thereby sealing it. The valve seat should be adapted to the material used for the valve ball. For many specific application conditions we have appropriate materials made of elastomers and plastics available. In addition to the standard dimensions, we can cover intermediate sizes with an extensive range of tools.

Rubber - technical items for industry
  • ball valve
  • Valves
  • screen beating system

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