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Bamboo Culms - bamboo poles


Company EmBraVerde Brazil is producing top quality Bamboo culms (poles). We are planting and growing Bamboo plants, species Dendrocalamus (D.C.) ASPER and D.C. STRICTUS on own plantation in rural area in Brazil. Most of the Bamboo harvest is used for the production of biomass, to deliver pellets and charcoal briquettes for customers, around the world. Only a few poles, out of a complete clump (cluster) of up to 200 culms are growing straight from ground up to 30 meter high, huge and beautiful. We are selecting and manually harvesting those culms, preferably at the end of the dry-season in July and August. Those culms are reaching 20 to 30 cm in diameter and the culms are very “woody” with thick and strong walls of up to 20 millimeters. Those culms are preserved by special, but natural procedures, on-site at the plantation. Administration and management for international business is located in Switzerland to keep the business easy, efficient and reliable.