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"Baobab powder The baobab is the fruit of the baobab tree also called the Adansonia Digitata or monkey bread tree. The last name the tree owes to the many species of monkeys that live off the baobab fruits. The tree can grow very old and is the largest tree in Africa. Not only the fruit is useful for life in Africa. Almost all parts of the tree are useful so it is popularly called ""Tree of Life"". A nice example is that it uses its trunk as a water reservoir. During the rainy season, the monkey loaf tree provides sufficient reserves so that it can survive the dry periods. The tribe is then used by the population as a shop, cattle shed or bus shelter. The fruit has a very high antioxidant content. Baobab powder is also an excellent source of calcium and very rich in vitamins and minerals. After the fruit is processed into powder it consists for about 50% of fiber (pectin) which works as prebiotics. An extraordinary power food<…"