The innovative universal charging system enables automatic loading and unloading of chuck parts, shafts and moldings. Furthermore, the Winning'Sam is able to use the workpieces to edit the second page on single-spindle lathes. With this one system, it is also possible to load round or profile rods to absorb the machined workpieces and to perform delicate work pieces for storage in a magazine. The device ensures the export of rod remnants and their separation from chips and machined workpieces. Finally, it can integrate and transmit the data via an interface to the lathe automatically a parts inspection. Automatic loading and unloading of chuck parts, shafts, castings and rods with a footprint of only 2.25 x 2.25 meters. The concept is based on a gantry loader with three axes, in which a rod loader has been integrated with one or more workpiece (s) and / or rod magazines. The gantry loader is responsible for loading and removal of the lining pieces and storing the processed workpie

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