Bar Feeders for Machine Tools



The AutoSAM 3.26 is an automatic bar feeder with hydrodynamic bar guidance. It is particularly suitable for connection to sliding headstock lathes (Swiss-Type). Its field of application is in small, medium and large series. Its big brother is the bar loading magazine AutoSAM 3.51. The bar feeder has a calibration-free material clamping which is carried out by collets. This saves time for material change due to the automatic centric positioning. Four clamping jaws ensure maximum hold while the collet is being pulled onto the bar. The Mitsubishi PLC control system with PC board ensures extreme process reliability and simplifies communication with the lathe. Compatible with almost all types of lathes. For example Citizen, Star, Nomura, Mazak, Okuma, DMG Mori, SMEC, Doosan, Nakamura, CMZ, Takamaz and many more.

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Product features

Size Model 22 bar length 2200 mm
Size Model 25 bar length 2500 mm
Size Model 27 bar length 2700 mm
Size Model 32 bar length 3200 mm
Size Model 37 bar length 3700 mm
Size Model 44 bar length 4400 mm
Diameter model 12 Ø 3 – 12 mm
Diameter model 16 Ø 3 – 16 mm
Diameter model 20 Ø 3 – 20 mm
Diameter model 23 Ø 3 – 23 mm
Diameter model 26 Ø 3 – 26 mm
Loading capacity Material Rack 260 mm Ø10 mm x 26 pcs/pc.

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