Barn wood door sliding

Door sliding barn wood


We create reclaimed wood doors in different styles and designs from recycled barn wood. The reclaimed doors that we offer are custom made, therefore any size is possible.Looking for a reclaimed wood door? Our company designs and creates reclaimed doors exclusively from recycled wood. We offer a wide range of reclaimed wood doors for interior and exterior use, made from high quality materials and accessories. Choose the reclaimed door that fits your decoration style and send us the dimensions you need, we guarantee a fast answer and a price offer that is very competitive. The reclaimed wood doors that we offer are ready to be installed directly because they are supplied with everything you need, from high quality hinges available in different types to a large choice of handles and security systems.

Furniture - entrance hall and vestibule
  • Doors, sliding and folding - house
  • barn wood door
  • Interior wooden doors

Product features

Material old pine
Wood Type layered
Length until 300 centimetrers
width until 120 centimeters
Thickness until 42 milimeters

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