The ViscoMT-XM barrel emptying system with volumetric pump based on the endless piston principle. Your advantages: - for medium to high viscosity products (up to 7,000,000 mPas) - suitable for abrasive, shear-sensitive or lumpy materials loaded with fillers - clean wiping of the inside wall of the barrel due to follower plate with special sealing lip - suitable for cylindrical, ribbed or slightly conical barrels, plastic containers or containers with inliners - no lateral squeezing of the medium, as the follower plate is guided almost without pressure - discharge speed electronically adjustable - easy handling - pulsation-free conveyance/discharge - Residual quantity in the barrel: < 1% - compact design Application: Withdrawal of products directly from the delivery or storage container, e.g.: Tomato paste, honey, fats, icing, mascara and much more. pressure-controlled or level-controlled feeding of the products to filling machines or mixing processes.

Bottling and filling - machinery and equipment
  • barrel pumps
  • Dosing - machines and equipment
  • Automated dosing

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