Barrier Foil Rolls - Approved to DEF STAN 81-75



The High Density Barrier Foil Rolls are our most popular and versatile heat sealable foil. Ideal for use as packaging in export, transport, conservation and storage this material offers outstanding barrier properties with a tough but flexible ‘5 layer’ construction. Meets current EU, BIR and FDA guidelines as well as military defence standard DIN55. These commercial grade barrier foil rolls displays some impressive performance characteristics. A sophisticated 5 layer laminate combines complimentary materials. This forms the ‘barrier’. This is designed to protect goods from atmospheric and physical pressures. It’s a highly durable and robust material. Thanks in part to the excellent bond strength between each of the laminated materials. The tear and puncture resistance are good. Seal strength is excellent. When hermetically sealed the foil retains a low moisture vapor transmission rate.