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Base Oil SN 300
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Base Oil SN 300 is a defined as a light grade base oil and is a Grade I base oils. It is generally used in lubricant and lubricant additives production. It has been solvent refined and hydrogen treated to take out impurities. Applications : Base oil SN 300 works as a base stock for several industrial lubricants General purpose oils Mould oil Transmission fluids Gear oils Metal working fluids Additives Hydraulic oils Transformer oils Features : In order to ensure its purity, it has been solvent refined, dewaxed and hydrogen treated oil. It has long shelf life High thermal Stability Free from harmful chemicals. Used in mould oil, transmission fluids, gear oils, metal working fluids and additives.

  • Lubricants for cars
  • oil - petrol engines
  • Diesel engines

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40743 Dubai - United Arab Emirates