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Base oil SN-400


Base oil SN-400 is a petroleum distillation product, a base component of commercial lubricating oil. In general, base oils are produced in series with different viscosity, but with the same other characteristics. Application area Base oil SN-400 is intended for use in machines and mechanisms of industrial equipment, the operating conditions of which do not impose special requirements on the antioxidant and anticorrosive properties of oils. It is also used as a basis for the production of lubricants, mainly for motor oils production. Benefits of Base Oil SN-400 Can be used as base components in the manufacture of lubricating oils It is possible to manufacture oils of intermediate viscosity classes (for example, I-30A) by mixing more viscous oils with less viscous oils in an appropriate proportion In almost all cases, this oil can be replaced with doped oils of the IGP series of appropriate viscosity.