Basket Screen - Basket screen consists of tubular wedge wire screen for centrifugal filtering

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The basket screen consists of cylindrical and tubular wedge wire screen which is suitable for centrifugal applications. Therefore, the conical or tubular shape of the screen basket helps the filtration process complete accurately. Centrifugal screen provides efficient filtration for unique applications with conical geometry. Thus, centrifugal wedge wire screen is suitable for the different kinds of applications where accurate filtration is required. Advantages Special surface treatment Centrifugal customizable basket design Corrosion resistance Durable and long service life Precise filtration Strong mechanical properties Applications Different applications are possible for the wedge wire screen basket such as vibratory centrifuge applications. Mining Applications Water Treatment Chemical Fertilization Food Processing Stainless steel with different grades and different materials can be used. Also, Special surface treatments are available for your application.

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