Electric heating elements type GTX The new model GTX is the effect of CINI’s presence on the Polish and European market and its previous experience with heating technology. It is used for heating the systems such as radiators in bathrooms, towel dryers, or as additional element for already existing systems of radiator-heating. It works perfectly in the stainless steel radiators. GTX lifetime is extended by using the stainless steel heating element (1) and adding the capillary (2) with temperature sensor (3) at the tip of it, which allows for a very precise measurement and control over the temperature of the liquid, in which the element is immersed. Special fuse (4) protects model GTX against dry running in case of water loss. It is also worth mentioning that our heating elements are made by a well-known and proven leader among manufacturers – Backer OBR. Advantages of GTX Construction of the heater Technical Data Available colours Accessories


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