Electric heater with electronic thermostat and timer function model QSX The newest model – heater QSX is equipped with an electronic touch system, which lets the user set the heater to the desired temperature, indicated on the panel. The heater has got the TIMER-2H function, which allows to set the working time of the heater for 2 hours. We have also added the masking element, thanks to which the connecting cable, inserted directly into the wall, is invisible. You can set the desired temperature from 5 to 65 oC. Advantages of QSX Construction of the heater Technical Data Available colours Accessories Advantages of QSX 1. BACKER heating element - heating element is equipped with temperature limit fuse and internal temperature sensor. - possibility of detaching the thermostat from the heating element and its mounting after installation. 2. Modern touch-control system - easy setting by touching the marked place on the sensor.


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