Batteries for European vehicles L6 110ah


Applications: Starter Battery – Positive pole: DX – Voltage: 12 Volt – Battery Capacity (20h): 110 Ah - Cold Cranking Amps (EN): 900A – Base Hold down: B13/B15 – Terminals Layout: 0 – DX - Dimensions : 393x175x190- Weight filled: 28 kg Designed for all Western cars, the DIN SERIES batteries guarantee Capacity, Reliability and Durability. All the batteries are produced with cast Lead / Calcium / Tin alloy castings and, therefore, ensuring a very low water consumption, can be defined WITHOUT MAINTENANCE. The presence of screw caps allows, however, the inspection and control of the electrolyte. The Lead / Calcium / Tin alloy, suitably designed by S.M.A. S.r.l., also guarantees a high resistance to corrosion and low levels of self-discharge (in compliance with the ideal storage conditions). The use of high-performance polyethylene separator ensures greater resistance to perforation and oxidation and improves the electrical characteristics of the battery.

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