Rivdom TWO 20V – the powerful battery riveter Designed and developed for blind rivets up to 6.4 mm diameter (all materials) – also for high-strength variants! With a setting force of 20,000 N and a very large stroke of 30 mm, not only standard blind rivets and high-strength versions such as Fero®-Bulb and Fero®-Bolt or comparable products can be set, but also folding blind rivets can be quickly and reliably processed in one step. The newly developed brushless BLDC direct current motor for im RivdomTWO 20V presents itself with an almost wearless, durable life cycle.

Tools & Hardware
  • battery rivet tool
  • battery rivet gun
  • battery riveter

Product features

Working power 20.000 N
Stroke 30mm
Weight 2,0 kg
Charging time max. 30 min.
Dimension (without batteries) approx. 313 x 290mm
Working range blind rivets 4,0-6,4mm all materials, even structural

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