Perfected for high-strength blind rivets with 6.4 and 7.8 mm diameter with grooved rivet mandrel! Clamping jaws with trapezoidal grooves specially designed to match the grooves in the rivet mandrel and a modified clamping mechanism guarantee reliable and positive setting of FERO®- BULB high-strength blind rivets (or comparable types) with a mandrel diameter from 3.8 to 6.15/6.5 mm! Wear of the clamping jaws is minimised!

Tools & Hardware
  • battery rivet tool
  • battery rivet gun
  • battery riveter

Product features

Working power 24.000 N
Stroke 30 mm
Weight 2.1 kg
Charging time max. 30 min.
Working range blind rivets 6.4 - 8.0 mm, all materials

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Battery riveter RivdomTWO 2.8 20V

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