Battery-operated microohmmeter - RESISTOMAT® 2323

Digital ohmmeter, portable, low-resistance, rugged , RS232 interface


This portable, battery-operated microohmmeter is a practical instrument for low resistance measurement in the field. It is of rugged construction, contained in a sealed ABS plastic case with lid and carrying handle, ideal for use in the production and any other working field or test and service facilities. The documentation of the measuring values is effected via RS232 interface directly to an external printer or PC. Further it is possible to perform single measurements via an external start switch. Typical applications are measurements on: — Engine and transformer windings — Electrical connectors — Heating elements — Connections on power rails — Wires and cable drums — Quality of soldered and welded joints — Switching contacts Features: — Mains rechargeable battery operation — 6 ranges from 600 μΩ to 60 Ω — High resolution up to 0.1 μΩ — Measuring current up to 10 A — Input protected up to 415 Vrms — Rugged industrial design — RS232 data output

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Product features

Measuring range 600.0 μΩ - 60.00 Ω
Resolution 0.1 μΩ / 1 μΩ / 10 μΩ / 100 μΩ
Resolution 1 mΩ / 10 mΩ
Measurement accuracy ≤ 0.2 % rdg.
Measurement display 6000 counts
Automatic temperature compensation No
Comparator No
Interfaces RS232

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