Bautger 0.8kg

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Bautger is multipurpose contact adhesive intended for fixation of porous materials (PU foam, mineral wool, felt), decorative and finishing materials, and heavy sound absorbing membranes. The adhesive exhibits high adhesion strength practically to all hard surfaces, including wood, plywood, cardboard paper, chipboard, oriented strand board, and etc. The adhesive formula allows to apply the product using both pneumatic spray gun and roller or brush. Application FloorFloor WallWall PartitionPartition Composition organic solvents SBS polymer resins modifying additives

Insulating panels, asbestos-free
  • Bautger
  • multipurpose

Product features

Appearance Red viscous homogenous liquid
Dynamic Viscosity at 20°C, mPa·s 1350-1750
Density at 20°C, g/cm2 0.88-0.9
Dry Residue, % 60±5
Open Time (at application on one side), minutes 4-5
Initial Setting Time, minutes 1
Complete Setting Time, minutes 24
Heat Stability, °C -20 to +50
Storage Period in original packaging 1 year

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