Material: Aluminium. Version: Bright. Note: Zero backlash, torsionally rigid, resiliently flexible and maintenance-free full metal coupling for transmitting angle synchronous rotary movement. The innovative slit structure makes possible a very good axial, radial and angular flexibility with low reset force. Ideal for servomotors. Temperature range: -50 °C to +150 °C. Assembly: Recommended shaft tolerances h7. On request: Hub bores D1 and D2 with separate tolerance class or range. Note: Procedure for enlarging pre-drilled bores D1/D2: Drill the bore out using a small as possible drill or milling cutter. Use a single point tool to turn or bore the hole out to its finished size. Ensure that the coupling is securely held during the machining process and that the drill feed is not too high. The cut depth should not exceed 0.5 mm and the feed for the single point tool should also be not too high.

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