Bearing housing, liner & sealing system

Shipbuilding - propulsion line
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We manufacture rough or fully machined bearing housing, liner and sealing system for propulsion line in copper alloys or stainless steel Cast in Bronze (CuSn10Zn, RG10, CuSn12...), Aluminium Bronze (CuAl10Fe5Ni5), Nickel Aluminium Bronze or Stainless steels. Liners cast at LBI are proposed either rough machined or fully machined in the bore (Inside diameter), ready to be shrunk on the shaft. LBI is recognised for its ability to supply high quality liners to the best conditions worldwide either for classic vessels, or for military vessels as well as for ice-going vessels. Liners are controlled and supplied with a 3.2 certification.

  • Shipbuilding
  • centrifugal casting
  • stainless steel and copper alloys
  • bearing - liner - sealing

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57360 Amneville - France