Bearing inserts

Spare parts for conveyor systems, made of galvanized sheet steel or plastic.

0.50€ HT


Spare parts for conveyor systems Bearing inserts from — galvanized sheet steel (with oiled ball bearing, in antistatic design) — Plastic, grey (polypropylene), with black plastic seal (polyamide) and stainless steel balls — Plastic, black (polypropylene), with black plastic seal Labyrinth (polypropylene) and RS deep groove ball bearing (in antistatic design) — Plastic, blue (polypropylene) with blue (polypropylene) and double stainless steel ball row Pipe diameter: — 20x1.5 mm — 30x1.5 mm — 30x2 mm — 40x1.5 mm — 40x2.3 mm — 50x1.5 mm — 50x2.8 mm — 60x2 mm Axle diameter: — 6 mm — 8mm — 10mm — 12mm

Goods handling systems, continuous
  • Conveyor systems
  • transport technology
  • material handling

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