Bed linen

Blanket cover


Linen bed sheets are able to “breathe”, are characterized with good breathability, thereby providing the correct heat exchange, and evoke a freshness sensation. Linen fabric is characterized with increased wear resistance, is less subject to stretching and damage, reflects UV radiation and does not become electric. In addition, linen absorbs water perfectly, due to which property the linen clothing and linen bed sheets are extra comfortable in a city and on vacation. The material also has antibacterial properties. The fabric is hypoallergenic and is advised for application in everyday life for people suffering from various types of allergies. In addition to linen, for manufacturing bed linen and home clothing we use tencel, which is also called a milkweed. The material does not accumulate dust, is characterized with excellent antibacterial properties. Unlike linen, tencel becomes crumpled little if any.

Bed linen
  • Linen bedding sets
  • Blanket cover
  • Linen fabrics

Product features

Color Desert
Material 100% linen + tencel

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