Bed shaper – mulch foil layer machine is machine that simultaneously form bed and lay plastic, biodegradable or cellulosic film at the same time. We also manufacture machines that only forms bed in which the plants will be planted and machines that only lay foil on previously prepared bed, or on flat soil (without prepared bed). Bed forming machines can be mounted with 2 types of rollers that shapes top of the bed: 1. Cylindrical roller - creates leveled top of the bed 2 V shaped roller - creates top of the bed that is slightly elevated in middle causing slope from middle to the edge of the bed which prevents containing water on the bed Bed forming machines can create beds dimensions as follows: 1. Width 90 cm, height 20 cm 2. Width 90 cm, height 40 cm 3. Width 120 cm, height 20 cm Foil laying machines characteristics: - anti reel of mechanism implanted. - adjustable working width - Drip hoses irrigation system implantion parallel to the film laying operation

Agricultural machines and accessories
  • mulch foil
  • vegetables
  • soil bed shaping
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