Beer Mats and Coasters

Round, Square or Custom - Scandinavian Board - Highly Absorbent


Beer mats, otherwise knows as beverage or drinks coasters, have been around for a long time. And for a reason: they are highly functional and useful to all parties involved. For one, they protect the tables the beer is laid upon and absorb condensation dripping down the glass or bottle. We like to go even further in enhancing our beer mats' usefulness: our coasters are made of highly absorbent Scandinavian beer mat board that can take in an amount of liquid three times its weight. A study in 2012 found out that 82% of people find beer mats appealing, while two thirds always read the ads printed out on them. These are good numbers that tell us a lot about beer mats' marketing potential. But do you know what's even better? The fact that 96% of customers, according to the same study, do not consider beer mats to be intrusive at all! And finally, beer mats can be given away as promotional material or gifts, while rarely being thrown away, sometimes being fun and cool mementos.

Hotels and restaurants
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  • beverage coasters
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