Beeswax. This substance is produced by specific glands of bees. They use it to build honeycomb and enforce it. The color of beeswax may vary from white to dark yellow shade. Beeswax is one of the most unique substances on Earth, all secrets of which have still not been revealed by humankind. Due to many healthful properties beeswax is widely applied in many areas, especially medicine and pharmaceutics, and cosmetology, of course. The composition of beeswax is quite complicated. It is rich in vitamin A which is required for nutrition and improvement of skin condition. It should also be noted that despite the development humans still cannot create this product artificially; they can only clean it of the remaining honey and other mechanical additives, obtaining pure natural beeswax which may be used in cosmetics as a result.

  • waxes for the food industry
  • liquid wax
  • natural wax

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