De Smet Engineers & Contractors’ expertise in beet sugar starts at the beets reception yard, including feedstock analysis, storage, handling, washing and slicing before Sugar extraction of the juice by diffusion. DSEC pays particular attention to agronomic specificities, climatic and local environmental aspects so as to optimize the installation performances. DSEC plays an important role in the definition of the most appropriate type of diffuser, often preceded by a prescalder (juice-cossettes heat exchanger) and also selects the best available technology to be applied for juice purification - with or without decalcification - as well as the selection of units such as milk of lime preparation and anhydrous carbonic gas production. Further to diffusion, the juice has to be filtered and processed into syrup in a multiple effects evaporation installation. This syrup is then treated in the crystallization unit that generates sugar and allows concentrating the remaining impurities in the molasses. DSEC’s simulation program is of paramount importance at this stage so as to define the most efficient energy set-up as well as to precisely size any single equipment of the line.


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