Belgium Bicycle Tours

Guided Cycling Tours in Belgium


for cyclists of any level Are you ready for a cycling adventure in Belgium? Join us and see Belgium from a different point of view, literally! Focus Flanders has many different ‘Belgium Bicycle Tours’ available; there’s something for everyone. We offer leisurely tours that last a few hours or a day, or more strenuous ones that continue for several days. We’ll follow some of the best-known Flanders cycling routes and some famous (or infamous?) long-distance cycling routes of Belgium. We have a Belgian Coast Bike Tour as part of our seven-day Flanders Bike Tour, a couple of bicycle-themed team-building events, some tours that combine the cycling with visits to war-time points of interest, and some that use bicycling as an excuse to just eat and drink. Belgium Bicycle Tours Minimum number of participants: XX Maximum number of participants: XX ENQUIRE TODAY Seven-day Flanders Bike Tour – Cycling Flanders Fields Our seven-day tour will guide your group from Bruges (The Venice of...

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