InoBell is a rotating electrostatic powder bell sprayer that delivers high performance, excellent finishing quality & easy integration. Description High transfer rate Easy maintenance Easy integration Excellent finishing quality Performance Adjustable air shroud - allows a rapid and marked variation in cloud size (control of the jet can adjust the width of the cloud being implemented, proportionally) Integrated high voltage unit - no high voltage cable Excellent regularity of film build-up - the quality of finish meets the most stringent and tight D.O.I. (Distinctiveness of image). Productivity Strong electrostatic charge - up to 20% more transfer efficiency compared to conventional guns Flowrate of 1 inoBell equivalent to (2) guns Sustainability Single block design with fewer number of parts Powder bell is easy to disassemble To meet the requirements of companies looking to improve paint savings, SAMES KREMLIN has designed inoBell, The electrostatic powder bell with high...

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