InoBell-R meets the most demanding criteria for finish quality, ease of operation, reliability, robotic adaptability, electrical safety & easy maintenance. Description Increased productivity Excellent finishing quality Easy maintenance Performance Homogeneous coating Adjustable paint spray pattern Paint flow of over 500g/min Productivity The precise control of the coating thickness is made possible by the powder bell. Maximum coverage of parts to be painted (the electrostatic wrap-around effect permits a transfer of paint behind the part). Sustainability New removable turbine cartridge Reduced number of parts Less maintenance inoBell-R Rotating electrostatic bell powder sprayer offers an unequaled finish. It provides a very wide pattern, and a superior electrostatic charge. Its DOI (Distinctness Of Image) and smoothness performance levels will allow you to apply a consistent film build for perfect smoothness.

Product features

Weight 5 (11) kg (lbs)
Maximum Paint Flow 500 g/min
Maximum Total Air Consumption 380 NL/min
Rotation Speed 7500 rpm
Voltage Max 75 kV
Current Max 100 µA

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