Bench vise is bolted onto the top surface of a workbench, with the face of the fixed jaws just forward of its front edge. The vise may include other features such as a small anvil on the back of its body. • Sock resisting Cast Iron Body, free from sand holes, pits, blow holes, scabs and other imperfections. • Jaws are made of special Carbon Steel properly heat-treated grinded and serrated to ensure a fast non slip. • Horizontal and Vertical ‘V’ is provided for round section work. Item Code No.Size InchSize mm ABM-VC-108002-1/4”60 ABM-VC-108012-1/2”65 ABM-VC-108023”80 ABM-VC-108033-1/2”90 ABM-VC-108044”100 ABM-VC-108054-1/2”115 ABM-VC-108065”125 ABM-VC-108076”150 ABM-VC-108088”200 ABM-VC-1080910”250 ABM-VC-1081012”300

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