With the development of the pull-tab – the first easy-open beverage end – beverage cans became a much more accessible packaging format. As brands continue to look to Crown as the leading beverage can manufacturer for new tools to help them to stand out in the crowded retail landscape, additional developments in end technology have emerged to enhance the convenience, ease-of-use and drinking experience. Contact us to learn more Standard Ends Crown offers a range of standard end sizes for beverage cans, which are available in silver or gold finish. Large Opening Ends, which feature a standard stay-on tab end with a larger opening for easier drinking and pouring, are also available. 206 (57mm), Regional availability: Asia 202 (52mm), Regional availability: Europe, North America, Asia, Brazil 200 (50mm), Regional availability: Europe, Asia Ring-Pull Ends Manufactured in the Middle East, Crown's ring-pull ends are designed to complement a variety of marketing strategies on drinks...


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