Bi-Folding Door (Wooden 68|78|92)

FS Bifolds Wooden Door


Bifolds are folding sliding doors that open up an entire wall to really give your home the wonderful “outdoor-indoor” feeling all year long. The design is able to support panels weighing up to 150kg with precision and ease. A maximum of 6-8 equal size panels can fold seamlessly in each direction in a number of different configurations while doors can slide either inwards or outwards. Our bifold doors are secure and safe. Our internal beading, shoot bolt and cam locking mechanisms will provide solid barriers against forced entry. Don’t risk the security of your home and family – make sure the doors that you buy make you feel safe and sound at your living place. We supply windows manufactured from multi-layered laminated woods in Mahogany and Pine designed not to twist or warp. Other woods including oak and larch will be supplied for special projects where the volume is of sufficient size to not make the cost too prohibitive.

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Product features

Depth of frame 68mm | 78mm | 92mm
gaskets 2
glass unit double or triple
available opening inward or outward (folding-sliding)

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