Bio Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream 15ml

37.00€ TTC


Bio formula reduces wrinkles in the sensitive eye area. The gentle and light texture of this cream penetrates the fragile skin around the eyes and transports moisture and active ingredients to its layers. Coffee bean oil and horse chestnut extract provide better circulation in the skin and reduce swelling. The formula accelerates cell renewal, beautifies the eye area, smooths small wrinkles and tightens the lower lids. Use: Softly apply the eye cream every morning and evening with the ring finger. Absorbs quickly and the skin around the eyes will appear youthful and fresh for long. Bio Hyaluron Face Care Premium Quality Certified organic cosmetics Vegan Manufactured in accordance with ÖLMB Biokosmetika INCII:

  • eye cream
  • Bio Hyaluron Face Care
  • anti-ageing products

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