At a translational field of 3 Tesla, the BioSpec 3T extends the range of multi-purpose, preclinical MRI and MRS systems in a compact, easy to site footprint. With its versatile design, it supports a broad spectrum of preclinical application fields, such as oncology, structural and functional neuroimaging, contrast agent development, stem cell research, ischemia, cardiology, and metabolic research. Superior cryogen-free magnet design eliminates the need for liquid helium and completely overcomes reliability limitations of previous cryogen-free magnets that quench within minutes after a cooling disruption. Designed for study of mice and rats, the BioSpec 3T comprises the latest Bruker MRI technology, software application packages and multimodal options. To augment the range of research options in your laboratory the BioSpec 3T is fully compatible with other imaging modalities such as PET. Key Benefits - Superior cryogen-free magnet that stays on field for at least 4 hours during...


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