In biological wastewater treatment, micro-organisms convert substances dissolved in waste water into a solid bio mass by their metabolic activity. This biodegradation process can reduce the total cost of wastewater disposal considerably: The organic load of the waste water is described by the parameters COD (chemical oxygen demand), BOD (biological oxygen demand) and TOC/DOC (total/dissolved organic carbon). Biological waste water treatment would be appropriate when effluent treatment costs are high due to COD-dependent surcharges, COD limits or COD load limitations. As final purification step of the overall wastewater process, biological wastewater treatment can reduce the parameters mentioned above and therefore the disposal costs. OKO-tech co-operates with partners that offer innovative biological treatment methods tailored to the requirements of industrial waste water. The solutions for biological wastewater treatment are characterized by quick adaptation of the biomass to...

Treatment of industrial waste water
  • biological treatment of waste water

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OKO-aquaclean wastewater treatment plants

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