Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL™ 39885 Probiotic feed additive


Biosprint® Mucl 39885 is a high concentrate probiotic live yeast (15 billion per gram), authorized accordingly to European Regulation 1831/2003 as Gut flora stabilizer Feed Additive (4b1710). Since 90’s, Prosol is selling BIOSPRINT® in more than forty countries around the world to guarantee feed customers the best economical results from their livestock. Why using Biosprint®? In ruminants and monogastrics BIOSPRINT® produces important and useful modification on rumen and intestine environment. BIOSPRINT® selects and promotes the best flora for a very efficient digestion process and a positive microflora colonization. Healthy animals are the cornerstone for every farmer. Our live yeast is a natural and safe solution suitable for conventional and organic sector.

Animals & Livestock
  • Biosprint
  • probiotic live yeast
  • active dry yeast
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