Biovestin, liquid probiotic


Biovestin is a liquid probiotic based on the Bifidobacterium longum MC-42 strain. The concentration of beneficiary microorganisms at the end of the shelf life is 5 * 108 CFU/ml. The method of production is protected by the current RF patent. The absence of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms in the product makes it possible to use it in patients under induced immunodeficiency. The product has a low acidity (up to 55оТ) and can be recommended not only for the prevention of mucositis and stomatitis, but also for patients with clinical manifestations of these complications. The liquid form of the probiotic makes it convenient to use even in young kids and patients for whom eating solids is complicated. Our long-term observations convincingly show that taking Biovestins at doses exceeding the standard 3-5 times (up to 75 ml per day) during and between chemotherapy or radiotherapy courses significantly improves the psychosomatic state of patients.

Foods, health
  • Health Functional Food
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