Function: 1. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hypolipidemic, vasoprotective and anticarcinogenic and cholesterol lowering actions. 2.Inhibit following enzymes: Phospholipase A2, lipoxygenase, HMG-CoA reductase and cyclo-oxygenase. 3. Improve the health of capillaries by reducing the capillary permeability. 4. Reduce hay fever and other allergic conditions by inhibiting the release of histamine from mast cells. The possible anti-cancer activity of hesperidin could be explained by the inhibition of polyamine synthesis. Application: 1.Applied in food field, it is used as a flavor enhancer and sweetener in a wide variety of alcoholicbeverage, dessert foods and savory foods. 2.Applied in cosmetics, it can added into toothpaste and mouth wash. 3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used to reducing the bitterness of in form.

Plants and herbs, medicinal
  • Citrus aurantium L.
  • Bitter Orange extract powder
  • synephrine

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