Bitumen shingles RoofShield Family Eco Light -



Description: Bitumen Shingles RoofShield Family Eco Light is a universal solution for practical people. The good price makes bitumen shingles affordable for practically any budget. Size: 1000 х 317 mm Thickness: 2,7 mm Cut: Standard, Gothic, American, Modern Base: Glass-fiber mat Bitumen: Oxidized Upper layer (dressing compound): Colored basalt granules plus anthracite Bottom layer (undersurface): Self-adhesive solid layer with additional mastic rolls Tensile strength longitudinal/transversal , N, not less: 600 / 400 Flexibility (by testing on a beam with the radius 25 mm, there should be no cracks on the surface of the sample): -10°C Heat resistance: 110°C Sqm per pack: 3 sq m. Number of shingles per pack: 22 pieces