Black Annealed Steel Wire - Black Annealed Cold Drawn Steel Wire



Annealing is a heat treatment process that actually changes the physical and chemical properties of the wire. This is what causes durability and increased ductility while making the wire easier to work with too. Normalization and global annealing are performed: Construction industry – mainly for iron setting in the civil construction field Handicrafts Packaging of products – used as tie wire Silk weaving hay bailing in the agricultural field Fencing products including barbed wire Screw and bolt manufacturing PRODUCT STANDARD EN 10218 QUALITY & RAW MATERIAL SATNDARD EN 10263-1,EN 10263-2 EN 10263-3 EN 10263-4 standarts of SAE 1008, SAE 1006, SAE1018 20MNB 4, CQ 15, QST36 DIAMETERS Ø 1,00 mm - Ø 30,00 mm PACKAGING 50 to 1000 kg coils