Black Cumin Seed & Oil

100% Organic Black Cumin Seed & Oil From Egypt


We offer the best quality 100% organically grown Egyptian Black Cumin Seeds up from 25 kg. Our seeds are from the best cultivating fields. •Black seed (Our organic Black Seed is cultivated on fields in northern Egypt, south of Cairo. Between October and April it grows exclusively using natural fertilizer and without the need of chemical plant and insect repellents. The fields belong to small farmers, forming communities to raise their standard of living and that of their villages. The oasis-like basin, in which those organic fields are located provides a dry and hot climate, but is milder than the southern parts of Egypt. This gives our organic black seed a pleasant and mild flavor, without losing its typical, distinctive taste. Through constant inspections on site and our close cooperation with the local farmers, we can guarantee you a high level of safety and quality. You can purchase our Black Seed either in its pure form as seed, or as cold-pressed oil)

  • Egyptian Organic Black Cumin Seed
  • Certified
  • private labelling
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