Black Garlic Extract
Fermentated Black Garlic Extract 1%-3%Polyphenol,10:1  - BAOJI KANO PHYTOCHEM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


Fermented garlic is made by fresh garlic in a fermentation box for about 60 to 90 days,its cloves are black and emit an odor specific to garlic; however, they possess remarkable characteristics of sweet taste similar to that of prunes, and no unpleasant garlic odor remains on the breath after consumption. Moreover, the fermenting process greatly improves the antioxidant properties, antitumor action, anti-fatigue and the anti poor blood circulation effect of garlic. Fermented black garlic extract has the functions as following: 1. Reduceing blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure; softening blood vessels; 2.Improving constipation, eliminating fatigue and enhancing physical strength; 3.Protecting liver and improving the activity of the prostate.

Extracts for pharmaceutical preparations
  • Extracts, food
  • Food and beverage additives
  • botanic extracts

Product features

Botanical Source Allium sativum L.
Specification 1%-3%Polyphenols
Test Method UV
Standard EP

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