Fraction of +40 mm Coke the coal firm porous product of gray color received by coking of uglyapra temperatures of 950 — 1100 °C without oxygen access Coke coal is applied to cast iron smelting (blast furnace coke) as high-quality smokeless fuel, reducer of iron ore, baking powder of burdening materials. Coke coal is used the same as vagranochny fuel in foundry production (foundry coke), for the household purposes (domestic coke), in chemical and ferroalloy industries (special types of coke). Blast furnace coke has to have the sizes of pieces not less than 25 — 40 mm at the limited maintenance of pieces less than 25 mm (no more than 3%) and more than 80 mm. Foundry coke by the sizes of pieces is larger than domain; the product at which there are pieces less than 60 — 80 mm is most suitable. The main difference of foundry coke from domain — small sulfur content which should not exceed 1% (in blast furnace coke to 2%). The industry of ferroalloys uses small coke (for example,...

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