These adjustable blinds are mounted only either on the level of building a new facility or on the level of replacing the whole joinery in already existing facilities. In this case the blind’s box is applied on the window’s or door’s frame. The guides are screwed to the outer side of the frame, later on the whole set is mounted inside the window recess. At the end the box is invisible and the blind seems to be a part of the window. Service access to the box is assured by the inspection flap – the place through which you can interfere to the inside of the box. In the adjustable blinds this flap is always located from the indoor side. The inside of the blind’s box is visible from indoors and is ALWAYS isolated by a thermal input on the whole width of the blind. The blind’s armour is from the outside always visible from its convex side with characteristic grooves through the whole width. Depending on the blind’s width and height we offer both PVC armours and aluminium armours.

Roller shutters
  • blinds
  • adjustable shutter
  • Monoblock blinds

Product features

design available Classic | Termolux | TermoPrestige
Dimensions (Height[mm]xDepth[mm]) for Classic 135x162 | 160x186 | 200x225
Dimensions (Height[mm]xDepth[mm]) for Termolux 160x253 | 200x253
Dimensions (Height[mm]xDepth[mm]) for TermoPrestige 220x255

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