This is an adaptive blind also known as façade blind. Primarily intended (but not only) to already existing buildings in which there is no need to replace the joinery but blinds are mounted to secure, cover, and warm the windows. The box is made of aluminium. They are mounted either to the wall directly or to the frame. The flap (the place through which we may interfere inside the box) is always outside. That effects the box to be a decorative element of the building. The box is not isolated with a thermal input and, if it’s professionally selected, it isn’t visible from the inside. The blind’s armour is visible from the outside with the concave part (different from the adjustable blinds).

Roller shutters
  • blinds
  • Adaptive blinds
  • façade blinds

Product features

design available Omega | Rollolux | Standard
Dimensions (Height[mm]xDepth[mm]) for Omega 137x153 | 165x184 | 180x201 | 205x229
Dimensions (Height[mm]xDepth[mm]) for Rollolux 150x150 | 180x181 | 205x206
Dimensions (Height[mm]xDepth[mm]) for Standard 137x138 | 150x151 | 165x180 | 180x181 | 205x206

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