The BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS 3-LAYER are light impermeable with the exception of the sighting window, of course. They are delivered unprinted and can then be printed by the user as wished. Even with a sighted window, the bags have a solid standing area that is integrated into the architecture of the package and no reinforcement with cardboard or something similar is needed to keep it stable. The BLOCK BOTTOM BAG S 3-LAYER are not just especially easy to set up and decorative and can be filled easily. In each carton you will receive 1,000 small or 500 large bags. The price per carton is reduced by the scope of the total order so that large orders rapidly pay for themselves. If you fill such a BLOCK BOTTOM BAG 3-LAYER with finely ground material – for example spices or coffee powder –, a glance is all you need for quality controls. This is not only practical for commissioning, but is also good for customers, since it saves them the impression of buying a “pig in a poke”.

Plastic packaging
  • Block Bottom Bags 3-Layer

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